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Christmas is my least favorite holiday.  It’s not something I look forward to.  I don’t appreciate all the marketing and the materialism and how people get so overwhelmed and it’s so busy.  It’s a sad time for many people, a lonely time.  But I decided this year that I’m going to make it a spiritual tribute.

I was inspired by a show I watched on Saturday night called “Journey to Christmas”.  It’s about five people at various stages of their life and faith that travel to Israel to find the real meaning of Christmas and hopefully get more reconnected to their faith in God.

So I was inspired by the concept and came up with my own idea of a journey to Christmas.  I want to write about how God has blessed me, what gifts He has given me and how He has changed my life for the better.

on my knees pictureToday I’m grateful for the night that I made a commitment to rely on Him, open my heart and ask Him to be my savior.  I will never forget that night.  I was eight years old and I was at a sleepover at the pastor’s house.  We were by the fire eating marshmallows and joking around when the pastor’s wife asked us if anyone wanted to accept Jesus into their lives.  Me and another little boy put our hands up and she prayed with us.  I remember I was on my knees. I felt so much love. I felt the Holy Spirit entering my soul.  

It was a defining moment, a moment that I will cherish for the rest of my life. The best decision I’ve made.

God is good all the time.   



  • Lucy, you speak my words. So much and so many expectations. And so much angst to deliver the expectations. And so little about the silence…. the stillness of Him in this season.

    • Randene says:

      We’ve had these conversations, Lucy, about the Christmas frenzy and missing Christ at his birthday. Did we actually invite Him to the party? How we seem to fall into the trap of “the Holidays” and leave December feeling empty, depleted and exhausted, despite our good intentions to make it real this year. Thank you for this thoughtful reminder of the good gifts and life that Christ has given us. Let’s stop, listen and enjoy His unending love for each of this Christmas.

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