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Almost being stranded at church on Sunday has had a profound affect on me.  Don’t get me wrong, I sure appreciate the divine intervention but this predicament has struck a chord with me on several levels in terms of accessibility.  

Interestingly enough the story of Jesus’ birth deals with a lot of issues regarding accessibility.  Mary and Joseph were wandering for days trying to find a place to have their baby.  I imagine they felt stranded and powerless wondering if God would rescue them.  They were denied access to a comfortable, safe, loving environment.  They had to struggle to find a crib and blankets for the baby.  Mary didn’t have any access to medical care or even a doula.  The lack of access is a dominant theme in this story yet it’s the best part as there is redemption.

Today, spiritual accessibility plays a dominant role in our journey of faith and how we celebrate Christmas.  We all have barriers and deny access to the Lord in our hearts.  It’s such a hectic time.  We are so preoccupied in the preparation of giving, hosting and celebrating with family and friends.  

Sometimes I wonder if God is peeking through the window, waiting for us to invite His Holy Spirit in and for us to take time to celebrate His Son’s birthday.  This Christmas let’s try to be more conscientious, giving Him easier access to our hearts and enjoying His presence at the table.

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