Blessed in the Produce Store

Grocery shopping is a challenge for me.  Throughout the years I’ve mastered a way that I could manage by having the shopping basket on my lap and dragging products to the edge of the shelf and letting them fall into the basket.  I had it down to a fine art until recently when stores began changing the baskets to the new ones with wheels.   (more…)

Recharging Your Soul

At the end of the day I need to charge my power chair.  In the past there were times I wasn’t able to charge my chair for a couple of days and I wondered if I had enough battery power to get me home.  Once I didn’t have enough power and I needed a guy to help me up the hill.  It’s common sense to charge up your battery, however sometimes we neglect to. (more…)

Let’s Not Hide From God even with Chocolate Cake

One of the reasons why I started this blog is because we can all relate to others’ personal experiences to gain a deeper understanding of a concept. Living with a disability gives me a unique perspective that a lot of people may not experience but can relate to. This perspective has helped build my faith and deepened my intimate relationship with the Lord. (more…)