Choosing to see Holy Grace

This past week has been full of malfunctions with my power chair beginning with last Sunday.  As I was heading off to church my power chair felt bumpy and I discovered I had a flat tire.  Unfortunately this halted my travel plans in going to church however I considered the misfortune divine intervention as I was extremely tired that day.  My body was aching from going out in the rain every day.  I had no choice but to stay home and rest.  I was thankful that I was home when the flat tire occurred.  It would have been more challenging if I was out.   (more…)

No fare gates with God

If you live in the Lower Mainland area you probably heard about the current accessibility issues with the new fare gate system on the skytrain and seabus.  In order to activate the gate you need to tap your compass card over the red light that is on the side of the gate.  For some people with disabilities it’s an impossible task as they don’t have the mobility or the strength to complete the task therefore they are locked out until a transit employee or a willing passenger comes to help.   (more…)

Blessed in the Produce Store

Grocery shopping is a challenge for me.  Throughout the years I’ve mastered a way that I could manage by having the shopping basket on my lap and dragging products to the edge of the shelf and letting them fall into the basket.  I had it down to a fine art until recently when stores began changing the baskets to the new ones with wheels.   (more…)

God is my safety net

A couple days ago I received some unsettling news.  I went to see an OT for an assessment to get a new seat cushion for my power chair.  I’m in my power chair fourteen to sixteen hours a day so having the right seat cushion is very important.  Because I am on employment assistance my wheelchair equipment is funded through the Ministry of Social Development and Social Innovation.   (more…)

J to C Day 17: God to My Rescue

On Sunday I attended the service at Capilano Christian Community Church.  Over a year ago the church relocated to a school in West Vancouver.  Unfortunately you can only get there by car as there is no access to public transit near the school on Sundays.   (more…)