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Prayer for Able Soul

By February 26, 2014No Comments

Dear Father in Heaven,

I come to you with excitement and anticipation as I develop Able Soul.  I know in my heart that I’m going in the right direction yet I hesitate especially with the details.  I long for this to be a sacred place where people can meet you in a new light and understanding.  I feel extremely vulnerable and I question what I’m doing.  What if I write something that is misconstrued or leads anyone to view you in a negative light?

I am willing to be sacred in my writing; to testify to your truth and goodness; to encourage others.  Lord, I pray that you anoint my words and your vision.  Be the focus.

Give me your discernment so I can teach others, so I can be your messenger.  You’ve chosen me for a reason.  Lord, I want to do the best for you, to fulfill your mandate.

As I write this I realize I need to trust you and know that if I continue to do this with integrity, am conscious of your Holy Spirit and pray over my thoughts and words, that as the captain, you will steer this vessel through any rough tides and keep it on your course.

Lord, I ask not that you take away my anxiety but help me walk with wisdom and not to procrastinate so much.  As I share this journey with my friends I pray that they would see your Spirit in this and they might grow to love you deeper.

Lord, let Able Soul be a holy light unto the world to radiate your goodness and your unconditional love.

In your Holy name I pray.



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