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Welcome to Able Soul

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I’ve been struggling writing with how to introduce and describe Able Soul.  Sometimes I find words so confining and I’m uncomfortable with putting any kind of restrictions on Able Soul as it is under development and God is leading it.

Also, sometimes I have difficulty describing a concept that is so intimate and personal.  Living life with vulnerability is hard to get people to understand and accept.

As friends, you know that I take risks especially in my faith and in some activities.

Last week is a good example.

I am taking a Word Press course at Cap U and usually have an assistant with me to help take notes and facilitate the computer however she was unable to come due to a family emergency.  She asked me if I was still going.  Not going hadn’t crossed my mind.

When I arrived, I asked the instructor if he could find a classmate that I could sit with.  This required vulnerability and trust that everything would work out.

You know what?

It was an amazing night.

It was a match made in heaven.

I got what I needed from my classmate and it was reciprocated, as I was able to help her with some of the computer tasks.

I also got to know her, a beautiful, amazing lady, mother of two who loves gardening.  We really connected and got along.

This is what Able Soul is about: Being vulnerable to allow the Holy Spirit to enter in, having the faith that everything will work out, trusting God to know your circumstances and believing through Him there is a way without knowing exactly what it is.

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