Dear Father in Heaven,

This past week has been somewhat physically challenging with the chronic muscle pain in my arm and the muscle tightness in my upper back.  Although the discomfort is tolerable I’m becoming a bit weary.  However the timing of all this seems rather fitting as I tried to imagine what Jesus went through.  

In no way am I comparing, but it has made me more empathetic trying to imagine all the physical and emotional realities that occurred.  I can’t imagine what it’s like to anticipate your execution.  I can’t imagine foretelling and then being betrayed by a disciple who is a brother to you.  I can’t imagine the agony of being persecuted, stoned and nailed to a cross.  I can’t imagine having the foresight and the grace in being obedient to our heavenly Father, for the sake of humanity, to give a chance of eternal life and a life of unconditional love and grace.  

The reality is hard to picture.  We can read about your story, watch movies, interpret the story, listen to people speak and try to disseminate bits of wisdom and insight that help make your story more tangible.  

The truth is that I will always grapple with remanence of your story.  I think that the beauty of your story is too much for the human mind to completely digest.  It requires faith and belief that it’s okay to not comprehensively know but to accept without a doubt that it’s true.  

In your Holy Name