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When I started writing this series I hoped to gain confidence in my writing ability, to be less self-critical and not get so caught up in the editing of my writing pieces.  Sometimes my insecurity stops me from continuing as I get caught up in the fear of not conveying my thoughts in a clear way.  I’m afraid of being misunderstood or that my perspective might be misconstrued as judgmental.  I get overwhelmed and tend to procrastinate.  

Yesterday I had an epiphany.  If I am so critical of myself then how am I in judging others?  I began to realize how critical we can get, especially of the Christian leaders and evangelists.  Is my negativity towards others a hinderance?  Does it cause people to second guess themselves and the message God intended them to deliver?

I remember there were times I felt misunderstood and dismissed in sharing what God had put on my heart.  Perhaps the way I presented may not have been the best however my intent was always to honour God and be obedient.  

As Christians, in this society, we often jump to being critical of others and ourselves.  Rather than this we need to focus on intent and where people’s hearts are and seek the Holy Spirit within.  How the message is conveyed may not be to your liking but it still may stir in your spirit and deeply impact others.  For example we don’t always connect to a sermon as we expect to but others may be deeply impacted.  

I think we need to start looking at and appreciating the intent rather than focusing on our own criteria of approval.  I realize that I need to change and be more uplifting and encouraging.  I need to stop hindering myself as well as others. I need to change my mind set and appreciate that the divine message from others is an anointed blessing that we all have the opportunity to receive.  By empowering others and honoring  their spiritual gifts, we honour God and allow His spirit to reflect His light in this world.  


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