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Grocery shopping is a challenge for me.  Throughout the years I’ve mastered a way that I could manage by having the shopping basket on my lap and dragging products to the edge of the shelf and letting them fall into the basket.  I had it down to a fine art until recently when stores began changing the baskets to the new ones with wheels.  

It started in the large stores but now it’s everywhere.  I can’t avoid it any longer, in fact one time I got so discouraged that I was in tears in the produce store.  I felt robbed of that tiny bit of independence that most people take for granted.  

I had a minute of self pity questioning why do able people need everything easier?  Seriously, how hard is it to carry a shopping cart?  Are people getting lazy?  I just wanted to get my produce without so much hassle.  

After my momentary release of frustration I left the store in pursuit of another place where they still had the old baskets.  Down a few blocks there was a produce store which to my glee still had the baskets that I was able to carry on my lap.  I managed to get most of my produce when a lady came up to me and said, “I see you struggling to get some of your produce.  May I help you?”  She had a delightful English accent, very sweet nature and not being a dummy I kindly took her up on her offer.  

She helped me get the remainder that I needed.  Before I went to pay I told her how much I appreciated her assistance and then she asked if she could assist me every couple weeks with groceries as she could see how challenging it was for me.  Her generosity and confidence to ask me was so astounding.  I replied, “Are you sure?” and she said, “Yes” so I gave her my e-mail address.  

Regardless if she follows up or not I’m so touched that God would intervene in this small capacity.  I know He saw my tears.  I still hope that I can figure out another way to shop on my own but this time I didn’t have to because God did.  

We often forget that God cares about the small details and I think in this case He wanted to remind me that I’m not alone, that He has my back.  This is why I love Him so.  God is the best heavenly father that we could ever have.


  • Brent Pudsey says:

    A great reminder that the Lord loves us and that he will meet our needs through other people. Great lesson on the importance of accepting, giving and receiving help.

  • Bonita Grace Dirk says:

    Wonderful! Great to see such kind people and such a good reminder that we should not think we are alone!

    Thanks for sharing!

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