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Dear Father in Heaven,

So many thoughts are racing through my mind contemplating on the events that lead up to your son’s death, the crucifixion.  Sometimes it’s really hard to visualize and there are so many aspects: the era, the setting, the culture, the emotions.  

I get overwhelmed trying to imagine what it was like for your son.  Sometimes I forget he was a human as I am.  Walking for miles in the desert his body ached, dying of thirst, anxious for the journey to be over but yet always thinking about what he needed to do, making sure that he obeyed your every command, that he honoured you with every action and testified to your name in an authoritative and direct way.  He knew that people would reject him, call him every evil name in the book, stone him and eventually crucify him but he followed your will regardless.  

In today’s world it saddens me how my generation is more free to express our faith, our love for you but yet we are so conservative.  We aim to be more worldly than godly yet I live in a land where I might be mocked but not persecuted for acknowledging that you are my saviour and I am a follower of Christ.  

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