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Sweet Gestures During Lent

By March 23, 20162 Comments

“Hello, it’s still lent” I reminded myself yesterday.  It’s so easy to lose track of time and get caught up with daily life.  For myself I am a bit oblivious to time.  

Anyways, as I reminded myself to keep focused on the lenten journey and listening to God I wondered what I could do more, how I could be more appreciative of God and of the sacrifices that Jesus made.  

Last night as I rode the skytrain there was a French man with two large bulky suitcases and another handbag.  On top of carrying everything he was holding two carnations in his hand.  I imagined he was bringing them home to his wife or girlfriend.  

What an incredibly simple gesture.  

Then I thought, “Hey I could do that with God”.  We often beat ourselves up for backsliding with our intentions, not paying enough attention or for not being more of service and for not praying.  

Sometimes it is the small gestures or acts of kindness that can really build a relationship and draw intimacy.  For the remainder of my lenten journey I hope to show my appreciation and admiration in ways that will bring him joy.  

It’s been a week since this has happened.  My gratitude has deepened.  This may sound a bit strange or awkward but I enjoy romancing God as it brings us both pure joy and delight.  



  • Ginny Jaques says:

    So true, Lucy. I became aware, in a totally new way last week, that God has promised to be with me always, not just because He’s God and it’s his “job” to watch over me. He has promised to be with me because he likes to be with me. He enjoys me. He enjoys my enjoyment of the world he has made for my pleasure. He delights in us. It’s so easy to delight in him back, isn’t it? This is authentic romance. The best kind. I love your thoughts.

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