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Prayer: Reminiscing on His story

By March 20, 2014No Comments

Sweet Jesus,

You rock my world.  On earth you became a man of high integrity with strong convictions.  You were determined to be your father’s son in every capacity.  You stood firm, steadfast in obedience and honoured our Holy Father with your teachings.

Reminiscing on your story, on your life, brings so many emotions and thoughts.  It can be overwhelming at times, unfathomable, yet it is the truth.

Jesus, I would love to have dinner with you, listen to your stories, to see your facial expressions and listen to your voice.  One meal or one day with you would never be enough to understand the sacrifice that you have made so that we can have eternal life.

The beauty of living on earth now is that we can enjoy your presence by your Holy Spirit.

Draw us close to you, Lord, renew us with your Spirit so that we may stand strong in our willingness to experience you intimately and to actively honour you with our lives in this realm.



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