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Guarding the Sacred

I recently found out that my website, which contains my blog, was hacked  again.  This was the second time it happened.  The files were contaminated with “malicious content”.  Although, the web host repaired the contaminated files, I lost confidence in their ability to protect and secure my website.   (more…)

What is Faith?

A few Sundays ago I visited a church in downtown Vancouver that is doing the Alpha series over the summer.  This week was on episode 4, “What is Faith?”.  In the beginning I was a bit cocky thinking it was too simplistic but as I watched the video I realized how complicated it can be to define faith. (more…)

No fare gates with God

If you live in the Lower Mainland area you probably heard about the current accessibility issues with the new fare gate system on the skytrain and seabus.  In order to activate the gate you need to tap your compass card over the red light that is on the side of the gate.  For some people with disabilities it’s an impossible task as they don’t have the mobility or the strength to complete the task therefore they are locked out until a transit employee or a willing passenger comes to help.   (more…)