What is Faith?

A few Sundays ago I visited a church in downtown Vancouver that is doing the Alpha series over the summer.  This week was on episode 4, “What is Faith?”.  In the beginning I was a bit cocky thinking it was too simplistic but as I watched the video I realized how complicated it can be to define faith. (more…)

God is Faithful in Prayer

Over fifteen years ago when I moved into my apartment building one of the things I prayed was having opportunities to be a good neighbour.  I prayed that God would put me in places or in situations that I could bring joy or lend a helping hand.  It was a prayer that I would remember every so often but not really focus on.  Some prayers I don’t repeat but I trust that God knows what my heart desire is and eventually He will fulfill those desires.   (more…)

Thanksgiving Revelation

One of my hopes as I mature not only in years but also in Godly wisdom, is to gain insight while going through the challenging times.  In honour of Thanksgiving I would like to share a recent experience and how it brought revelation of how I appreciate God in a different way that has become more real and impacting.   (more…)

God is my safety net

A couple days ago I received some unsettling news.  I went to see an OT for an assessment to get a new seat cushion for my power chair.  I’m in my power chair fourteen to sixteen hours a day so having the right seat cushion is very important.  Because I am on employment assistance my wheelchair equipment is funded through the Ministry of Social Development and Social Innovation.   (more…)