Unclenching my hands

For each lenten season I try to come up with a practice or activity that will awaken my consciousness and remind me to be mindful of the Holy Spirit.  Not knowing how profound it would be, I decided to make an effort to turn my hands right side up and unclench my hands.  I wanted to do something to demonstrate to God that I am present and available, centred on him and open to his will.   (more…)

God is my safety net

A couple days ago I received some unsettling news.  I went to see an OT for an assessment to get a new seat cushion for my power chair.  I’m in my power chair fourteen to sixteen hours a day so having the right seat cushion is very important.  Because I am on employment assistance my wheelchair equipment is funded through the Ministry of Social Development and Social Innovation.   (more…)

Quenching the Holy Spirit

As I mentioned before I have been practicing the art of asking God what He wants to share .  One of the reasons I developed Able Soul is because I have felt the Holy Spirit stifled in the Church.  In our society we have a tendency to stay away from spiritual vulnerability. (more…)