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Dear Father in heaven,

Although my love and devotion to you remains strong I feel discouraged with myself.  Lately when I write something or try to express what’s on my heart, self doubt creeps up and I second guess myself.  My mind is ridiculed by past rejections or times when I’ve been ignored or alienated.    

In my head I believe I should be able to overcome this, to work through it and not let the fear prevent me.  Is it not enough for me to remain true to you?  Why am I so afraid of what other people think?  It’s not like I’m being completely disrespectful.  

Forgive me for my incessant need to be included on a human level.  May I stop being obsessive about what others might think.  May I trust the leading of your Spirit and allow the past negativity to serve as a reminder to always be conscientious of others and especially of your Holy Spirit.  

Reconcile my soul with your Spirit so I can be your vessel.  Fill my soul with your love.  Fill my mind with your wisdom.  May I be a true reflection of your Holy Spirit in my writing and in my daily life.  Put me in a place where I can thrive and be more free to be your light.


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