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Did you know that Jesus is there when you vomit?  Yep, I can attest to that fact.  

Last week as I was on the walkway to the seabus I fell ill, right in the middle of the hallway.  It just came suddenly but fortunately a gentleman stopped to check on me.  He asked if I was okay and I said I was fine, I just got sick.  He said it happens to all of us and he got a pack of Kleenex out of his knapsack and started wiping my face.  

Another guy went to get some paper towel.  When he came back the other man took the paper towel and started wiping the vomit that was down my pant leg and on my shoe.  He was so kind and so calm like it was nothing, like it was no big deal.  

After he cleaned me up he walked me to the elevator.  Unfortunately the elevator stopped working and he waited with me to find out what was happening.  After fifteen minutes I told him, “Just go, catch the seabus, really I’m fine.”  He said okay and I said, “You are an angel.  Thank you.”  I knew he understood what I said by the glimpse in his eyes, the look of compassion and grace.  I saw Jesus in him, in his eyes.  

I’m so grateful that God provided another angle in a time that could have been very embarrassing and humiliating but wasn’t because God was there.  He brought Jesus to me, an angel.  He wiped me up so I could continue on.  

This experience, awful as it may sound, is a prime example of Christ in humanity.  The unending compassion and grace that God brought in that moment to make my life easier and less humiliating illustrates the reason why we all need to be more reliant and receptive to the Holy Spirit in each other.  This is a wonderful example of who Christ is in humanity and I will ever be grateful.  

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