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Dear Father in Heaven,

Sometimes it takes me a while to clue in.  Maybe my brainwaves don’t always function smoothly or as quickly as I want them to.  At times when I concentrate my brain feels like a fried egg.  I can feel it sizzling, trying to process my thoughts and then finally the light bulb appears to go on.  

You must say, “Hallelujah, she finally gets it.  I, God, really do exist.”  I am amazed by your patience and understanding with me.  You have a high tolerance for stupidity.

As you are aware, I’ve been struggling with self assurance that I’m heading in the right direction especially with Able Soul.  I finally got the message last Saturday when I went out for dinner at the coffee shop.  At the table across from me was a young guy working on his laptop who kept peeking at me.  

In the beginning I felt a bit embarrassed and uncomfortable as I am a messy eater and my meal wasn’t cut up enough which made it harder for me to eat.  Food kept falling as the pieces were too big and heavy for the fork but I kept eating anyway.  

I began to accept the uncomfortableness.  It was okay for him to see me as I was in my imperfection.  

I am so grateful for that experience because I finally clued in that I need to be comfortable in the uneasiness and awkwardness in particular in pursuing my dream and being obedient to you Lord.  

I also realized that this is vital to the exploration of the soul.  

Thank you Lord for helping me realize that truth and for showing me that I am heading in the right direction.  

You are so wise.

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