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Dear Father in Heaven, there are a few pictures in my photo album that I would like to tear up, as I think I look awful or some photos ignite a negative reaction in me.  I confess that I have a similar reaction to your holy word as there are some stories I’d like to rip out.  They often cause me heartache in some form, whether it’s anger, guilt, deep sorrow or that they’re beyond my scope of comprehension.  I tend to read them very quickly and not take the quest for deeper understanding and knowledge.  Forgive me Lord, for my lack of patience and for not grappling with my own ignorance.   

Lord, the most painful and heart wrenching stories are the events leading up to your son Jesus’ death.  This time, instead of internally shying away, I fully surrender to you my own unworthiness, self-doubt and fear.  Take my hand and walk me through your son’s story.  Help me remove the barriers that block my mind from gaining your Holy insight.  Remove the static noise from my ears so I can listen clearly and discern your voice without reservation.  Let me not get caught up in the wonderment of why but instead in the anticipation of your revelation.     
Thank you for your ultimate loving sacrifice that transformed our hearts and minds and the way we live.  May we embrace our holy history; valuing every page of your holy word and testifying to your goodness so all will see and believe in your glory.
In Your Holy Name,


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