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Sometimes I wish I could cook a meal or pour a cup of coffee or put lip balm on my lips when they’re dry.  There are times I would like to be less reliant on people, to have more flexibility and independence.  

For the most part I’m not bothered by my dependance of others.  It doesn’t define my self-worth or my ability to be active in society.  It’s a reality that I have learned to accept and even embrace.  

With my experience of relying on care attendants to assist me I have greater freedom and I am able to accomplish more.  Through this I have learned the value of reliance.  

In context with my relationship with God I find it easier to rely on Him.  Throughout my adulthood I have constantly made life decisions that put me in places where I needed to have faith and rely on God.  

One of the biggest steps of faith for me was moving into an apartment and living on my own.  At that time I didn’t know how it was going to work out but I knew in my heart that God would provide everything and that He would turn the impossible to the possible.  Fifteen years later He is still providing.   

To some extent we are all dependant on God yet we find ourselves yearning for independence and relying on our own strength.  

Lent is a season that we purposely relinquish some of our independance to give in to the Holy Spirit and allow God to nourish our souls with the food that only He can provide.  

It is only through His son that we have eternal life.  By His grace and mercy we are forgiven.  I can honestly say that I have no desire or wish to rely on God less.  

How about you?

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  • Bonita Grace Dirk says:

    Hi Lucy – thanks! I am learning to rely more on God especially as it relates to my future. I am learning to even enjoy it a bit and see what doors God will open.
    Thanks for the encouragement!

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