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Dear Father in Heaven,

The past few days my heart has been full of appreciation.  I’m so thankful, Lord.  There is a book called “Don’t sweat the small stuff” but I wish there was a book called “Appreciate the small stuff” because this helps with long lasting contentment and can change your attitude and perspective on life.  

Anyway, I just want to tell you what I’m grateful for.  I’m grateful for my independence.  Every night when I go to bed as I charge my chair my heart is tickled as I am now able to charge my chair on my own.  I’m grateful for the people at Motion Specialties.  I’m grateful for the ingenuity of the technicians and how they were able to create an adaptive plug so I can plug in my chair and have the freedom to travel everywhere, everyday, not worrying about charging my chair or not having to go to bed before my attendant leaves so she can charge my chair.  I don’t take it for granted and every night I am reminded when I pick up the charger to plug my chair in.  

I’m grateful for my personal care assistants and that I can rely on them everyday.  Without them I would be stuck in bed so I’m grateful that they truly understand how important it is for them to come to work as I am dependant on them and I really hope they can sense my gratitude towards them.  

I am grateful every time I go to a coffee shop and order a drink and they treat me with respect and dignity.  So many people take that for granted but I understand what it’s like to be ignored or to be dismissed so every time a person of service treats me with respect my heart is so full of gratitude.  It’s such a nice gift to be treated with respect.  

I’m grateful for the conversation I had with Mike this week at his house in front of his garage.  He took the time to chat with me. I always enjoy our conversations.  He is such an intelligent and loving man.  I appreciate his friendship and his wisdom and I appreciate that now I have a repair person who I can call up and ask him to fix something for me.  That is such a gift and it’s so nice to have a person like that who I can turn to and trust that understands me and knows my character and knows me well.  I appreciate him in so many ways.  

I’m grateful for the gift of friendship especially my close friends.  Sometimes I don’t talk to them for a while but I know in my heart they know how much I care about them and how often I think about them and pray for them.  They are the gold nuggets I deeply cherish.  I hope they know how much I truly love them and appreciate them.  Sometimes I don’t express my gratitude in words because they are so sacred to me that my emotional gratitude goes beyond words but I think they can see it in my eyes and with my heart that words aren’t always necessary.  

I’m grateful for you, Lord.  Every day I think about you.  I know I don’t talk to you directly but you’re in my thoughts and you’re always with me.  I know sometimes my passion to do more for you can get in the way of my desire to be more intimate with you, Lord.  Forgive me.  Forgive me for my impatience.  Forgive me for my self-centredness.  Let not my desire for more be an obstacle for you but let it be a catalyst to help me serve in the best manner that you desire.  

I love you with all my heart Lord.  Thank you for all the gifts that you bestow on me.  Thank you for my family.  May my gratitude be a delight to you.  May my willingness to serve encourage you.  May my love for you tickle your heart and honour you in ways that you so richly deserve.  

In your name I pray,



  • Beba says:

    Amen for your thankful heart Lucy. You are precious daughter of God & He loves you deeply! You inspire my day with your word! Big Hug!

    Beba from C3V (Ross & Mat)

  • Ginny Jaques says:

    I love that you want to “tickle” God’s heart! I know His heart is truly tickled by you all the time. I love your honesty and your willingness to share your prayers with us. Your overflowing heart-gratitude is a challenge to me. A reminder that I need to pray exactly this same kind of prayer every day. Bless you dear one, as you are a blessing to many.

  • Bonita Grace Dirk says:

    Love it!
    I like what you said about wanting to do stuff for God getting in the way of your intimacy with him. I think I often have the same problem!
    Thanks for sharing!

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