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A Prayer for Good Friday

By April 16, 2014One Comment


Dear Father in Heaven, there are a few pictures in my photo album that I would like to tear up, as I think I look terrible or some photos ignite a negative reaction in me. I confess that I have a similar reaction to your Holy word as there are some stories I’d like to rip out. They often cause me heartache in some form, whether it’s anger, shame, guilt or deep sorrow. I tend to read them very quickly and not take enough time to meditate on them. This defeats the purpose and goes against one of my main desires—to seek deep intimacy with you, Father.

Lord, the most painful and heart wrenching story is the events leading up to your son, Jesus’, death. This time, instead of internally shying away, I fully surrender to you my own unworthiness, self-centeredness and fear. Take my hand and walk me through the darkness and pain. I ask you to forgive me for my sins. Help me remove the walls I hide behind which prevent me from gaining your Holy insight and drawing closer to you.

Thank you for your ultimate loving sacrifice that transformed our hearts and minds and the way we live. May we embrace our holy history; valuing every page of your Holy Word and testifying to your goodness so all will see and believe in your glory.

In Your Holy Name,


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