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The Mother in Me

By September 29, 2014No Comments

There are some dreams that will never be a reality in the way you anticipated.  You can come to accept that and put it away but the desire remains.  You learn to embrace it, to see where that desire takes you and to ask God about it.

Recently I was reminded of one of my desires and it caught me by surprise.  I always wanted to have kids, to be a mom but in my twenties I made a conscious decision not to have children myself due to my physical limitations of caring for an infant.  I did consider adopting or becoming a foster parent but because of my physical disability I was deemed ineligible.  There are times when I wonder what kind of parent I would be.  How would I teach my kids about faith, unconditional love, believing in yourself, learning from your mistakes, overcoming adversity and most importantly, the value of prayer.

I would want my kids to learn how to communicate with God because I know there would be many times where I wouldn’t have the best answers for them or I would fail in my lack of empathy or wisdom.  I hope I would love my kids in a culture that allowed them to flourish with the Holy Spirit.

I wouldn’t be able to physically teach my kids how to tie their shoes but I would be their greatest cheerleader.  I would teach them to appreciate their abilities and show them that the best kind of strength is living by faith.

One more thing, I would encourage my kids to dream big understanding that not every dream will come into fruition but that God will embrace their hearts desires and answer them in ways that they could not imagine and would make them eternally grateful.

I may never be a mother but whenever I’m around kids or teaching Sunday School my heart’s desire is fulfilled.

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