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Over fifteen years ago when I moved into my apartment building one of the things I prayed was having opportunities to be a good neighbour.  I prayed that God would put me in places or in situations that I could bring joy or lend a helping hand.  It was a prayer that I would remember every so often but not really focus on.  Some prayers I don’t repeat but I trust that God knows what my heart desire is and eventually He will fulfill those desires.  

Well, last week I found out that my 94 year old neighbour, Blanche, fell and has been recovering in the hospital for a month.  The only reason I found out is by running into her daughter in front of my building.  I asked if I could go visit her.  She replied that her mother would love that.  

A couple days later I went to visit.  While I strolled to the hospital I wondered if she would recognize me as I didn’t know how disoriented she would be or if she was in a lot of pain.  It didn’t really matter if she remembered me because I adore her so.  Blanche is one of the sweetest, joyful and positive people that I know.  I loved seeing her in the hallway or outside the building.  She always lifts my day and she’s the kind of person I aspire to be.  What makes her more remarkable is she is also legally blind.  

God is so good.  I asked the nurse what room Blanche was in.  Not only did the nurse reply but she led me to her bed and announced to Blanche that a friend came to visit.  At first she didn’t recognize my voice but she was persistent in finding out who it was.  I kept repeating my name but she didn’t understand.  Then I spelt L U C Y out hoping she would figure it out and she did.  She was so gleeful and was so excited that I came to visit.  We had a great conversation and she told me all about her fall.  She also took so much delight in my small gift and before I left I promised her that I would return and as always she told me to be careful while I was going home.  “Don’t be dumb like me and fall.”  

On the way home tears of joy and appreciation ran down my face as I reminisced on the visit and recalled the prayer that I asked long ago.  With a grateful heart I proclaimed to God, “You are a remarkable Heavenly Father.”  

He never forgets the simple, unimportant desires of our hearts.  It may take years for God to fulfill our hearts’ desires but He does it in such a magnificent and poignant way that it’s worth waiting for and trusting that God knows our heart and will eventually answer the call.  

Sometimes I do wonder if I can be a more productive and helpful person and there are times when I do hunger to be a servant.  I learn to rely on God, to set the path and eventually there will be opportunities of service.  God is a very smart God.  He also uses situations to His advantage.  I think He is the ultimate multi-tasker and can use situations in a multi-dimensional way.  Another peddle of wisdom came into fruition and was completely unexpected and really affirming.  

Throughout my life many people have claimed inability to understand my speech.  The next time somebody says that and doesn’t really try to understand me I can reply, “if a 94 year old blind woman can understand me what is your problem?”  You know what?  They probably wouldn’t understand that either.  However, it doesn’t matter because God is ever soul affirming and that’s good enough for me.  

How about you?  


  • Bonita Grace Dirk says:

    Hey Lucy! That’s an awesome story and very encouraging! Thanks for sharing!

    I think most people need to just be a little patient and listen to understand you and then it is surprisingly easy. For me, at first that was challenging, but it is a good spiritual discipline to slow down!

    I think you are definitely able to serve just as you did in this situation! God is using you!

    • Lucy says:

      Thanks Bonita,
      I always appreciate your comments and personal insights. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and always making interesting and insightful comments. I truly appreciate your support.

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