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Dear Father in Heaven,

It’s that time of year again.  Today is the beginning of lent.  Somehow it’s more necessary this year.  As you know I look forward to the lenten journey as it’s the time to focus on you, to seek solace, break away from the self-centredness of life, to be more conscious of your Holy Spirit and to be reminded of your greatest sacrifice.  How deeply honoured am I to have such a meaningful tradition passed down from generations which is still essential to our spiritual vitality today.  

I need this spiritual vacation with you.  I need to be refreshed and rejuvenated by your glorious Spirit.  I confess that my mind has been negatively impacted by the injustices that are happening daily in the world and the state of American politics.  

You know how I feel about the current President however this does not excuse my own negativity.  For that I apologize to you.  During this time I am committed to refute the negativity, to be a bit more impartial and to look at the circumstances from a broader perspective.  

In my helplessness, I will praise you.  In my anger, I will pray for justice.  With my opinions or perspectives, I will seek wisdom.  Above all I will listen with a heart of love and compassion.  

I commit to you, Oh Lord, to remain open to your Spirit and follow you where you lead.  I am honoured to be a follower of Christ.  May I become a reflection of your goodness, Lord, a light of grace and an armour of love.  

Thank you for your holy heritage that I am rooted upon and that you are calling each one to adhere to.  May we all remember that you are our saviour and our greatest redeemer.  

In your holy name I pray,



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