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Gracefully untying tangled webs

By March 17, 2014No Comments

At the beginning of the year I made a commitment to the Lord to listen to Him in a deeper way.  Prayer is suppose to be a two-way communication.  In my prayer life I tend to do a lot of talking but I am missing something, a connection with God, so now every time I pray, I ask God what He wants to tell me or show me. 

Sometimes it’s a simple joy like a beautiful flower or a baby’s smile.  Sometimes I just enjoy His presence.  That’s enough for us. There are all kinds of ways to listen to God. 

This week has been challenging on an emotional level as some issues from my past have resurfaced unexpectedly.  The pain is deeply rooted inside of me.  It’s my nature to shake it off and brush it aside but as I continue on this journey of Lent, I choose to allow God to work in me. 

Spiritual maturity requires vulnerability and trust that God is in the midst, working His way through the tangled webs, gracefully untying the knots.    

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