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Prayer: Renewal in Lent

By March 13, 2014One Comment

Dear Father in Heaven,

 Lord, you are so under appreciated that it upsets my spirit.  I confess that I’m a bit heartbroken and dismayed at the moment.  In the public realm, I haven’t heard much about Lent.  It feels like it’s becoming more taboo, that we as your children, your followers are becoming so shy or too preoccupied  in life, itself, in testifying to our Holy heritage.

I so long for your Spirit to shine all over the Earth especially through those who love you already.  Lord, you ask us to live in this world but not of this world.  May this season of Lent be a time of renewal and refreshing of your Holy Spirit within us.

Father, help us to break down the walls of oppression. Let our hearts not be complacent but full of anticipation of your Spirit.

Lord, draw us into your Holy story.  Remind us of our Holy heritage, of your abundance of mercy.  Let us not be afraid to examine our relationship with you.  To relinquish control, take your hand and follow you on this journey.

May we let our guard down and learn to be safe with you in our vulnerability.  Lord, let us not get consumed by negative or worried thoughts but instead bring them to you, lay them at your feet and rest.

In your Holy name,



One Comment

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