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Dear Father in Heaven,

As I prepare my heart and mind for Lent I am full of anticipation and hunger for deeper intimacy.  Lord I confess that I am preoccupied with so many worldly thoughts.  There are vast injustices taking place and the evil can be daunting.  It is easy to get distracted by the wonderment of what I can do to help make this world a better place.  Sometimes I feel powerless but yet I have deep hope.  I am confident that you Lord are in the midst.  

Lord as we enter this season of Lent may we relinquish our expectations.  May we be conscious of your Holy Spirit and invite your presence in our daily lives.  May we clear our minds and acknowledge any fears, inadequacies and challenges that may hinder us from wholeheartedly seeking your wisdom and grace.  May we not diminish the necessity of this time of spiritual growth and awakening.

My personal commitment this season is to seek you with affirmation, to be more confident with my listening ability and to be open to where you lead me especially in the dark places.  Lord I am fully dedicated to enter this lenten season with only one expectation, that your Holy Spirit will guide me.  

Lord I am so grateful to have this time to reflect on your holy story.  In my seeking for wisdom may I be steadfast in my devotion to you and cherish the greatest love ever.

In Your Holy Name,


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