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Lay Upon the Cross

By March 25, 2016December 17th, 2020One Comment

What I lay upon the cross:

 – the false preconceptions made by others which are solely based on my disability rather from my character and capabilities

 – my low tolerance towards mankind for their lack of understanding,

 – my lack of patience and frustration of not fulfilling my potential to the best of my ability

 – my anger towards myself for failing in so many ways.

What I lay upon the cross:

 – my desire to fulfill God’s calling in  me

 – my dream to be a motivational speaker

 – my passion to encourage others to break down their walls and let the Holy Spirit dance in their hearts,

 – my hope that we will take more pride in our Holy Heritage and diminish the shame of being  followers of Jesus Christ.

 – my prayer for this world to be less greedy and selfish and for the Holy Spirit to shine and heal the brokenhearted.

What I lay upon the cross:

 – my guilt and unworthiness.

 – I help put the nails there yet He made the greatest sacrifice and forgave me.

This is what I lay upon the cross.


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