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Hunger to Serve

By May 1, 20152 Comments

Some of my favourite experiences in life are from acts of service.  Being able to assist is so empowering and embodies the goodness of the human spirit.  

One element that we often forget to appreciate is the other person’s receptiveness.  As a person with a disability I am more sensitive and deeply appreciate whenever I have the opportunity to serve.  

When I offer to help more times than not, I have been declined.  Sometimes I feel like people prejudge me and assume it would be too much for me or that I’m not able to do the task or they feel sorry for me.  Of course offers can be declined solely because the person doesn’t want or require help and that’s completely acceptable.  

Being a recipient, I am conscientious of the courage it takes to offer assistance.  My rule of thumb is to accept the generosity whenever possible.  This in itself is a way of serving and empowering others.  A way of affirming people’s spirits.  

I understand what it is to be denied because of my disability.  There are times I get so hungry to serve that my spirit feels like it’s stuck in a cage.  It’s challenging for some to understand.  In times like these I often imagine how God feels as He experiences rejection on a daily basis, hour by hour.  All He hungers for is for us to be receptive to His love and care and to pour out His anointing and heal the brokenhearted.  Because we are made in His image we all have a similar desire and will.  By being more receptive with others we learn to be more receptive to the Lord.  

One of my favourite experiences happened a couple years ago at a prayer retreat.  During the last session you had the option to get your feet washed.  I wanted to participate in the washing of the feet.  Since it was a solemn and prayerful atmosphere I quietly squirmed down from my wheelchair onto the floor and crawled to the bowl of water and dove my hand in indicating to my friend that I was ready to wash her feet.  She was surprised.  

That moment was so profound.  I felt my spirit being released from the inner cage as God orcastrated the setting where I could be free to serve.  I truly felt like my Heavenly Father’s daughter and a true disciple of Jesus.  I felt empowered and affirmed by the Holy Spirit.  I believe that God set the atmosphere and that He gave my friend and the people around the room the ability to be open to receive a divine blessing.  

This is why we are on Earth.  We often focus on how we can serve, on how we can love and support our community.  Perhaps sometimes the best way to serve is by empowering others by allowing the Holy Spirit to minister through them.   



  • irene@foodbc.com says:

    Sweetheart, this needs to be intimately shared with Dorothea and Louise, Gwen and Linwood House and Carole Ducklow and Christine and all the others who were there two years ago. I was cooking and I remember. I was driven to tears. Jesus performed that afternoon. In you, as He does always. But that afternoon, was particularly poignant.

  • Bonita Grace Dirk says:

    This is wonderful and so true. Thanks!

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