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When I reached my fourth decade of living on Earth I wanted to celebrate in a special way that was honouring to God.  I wanted to take a leap of faith and show God that I trusted Him with my life.  

I also wanted to get away so I decided to book a hotel on the Sunshine Coast.  I researched and called around to find a room with a wheelchair accessible bathroom.  For me to use the bathroom I need a grab bar on the wall beside the toilet so I am able to hold on to it and transfer myself.  The hotel booking agent assured me that the bar was by the toilet.  

I also needed assistance in the morning to help me get ready and eat my breakfast so I made arrangements with a former care attendant who had moved to the Sunshine Coast.  The morning before I left I received an email informing me that she was sick and was unable to assist me.  I then called a friend who has family on the coast to see if they would know of anybody who could help me out.  

I left for the ferry not knowing if I had assistance but having faith that it would all work out.  When I arrived at the hotel room my heart sank as I entered the bathroom because the grab bar was not beside the toilet but on the wall across from it.  Therefore for anyone to use the bar they would have to be at least 7 feet tall and have exceptionally long legs and arms.  I remained calm believing that there was a coffee shop or a restaurant that would have a wheelchair accessible bathroom.  

Gibsons is a relatively small town with one main street in the downtown area.  As I wandered around I kept looking for a viable option and entered a clothing apparel store.  I asked the clerk where there was a wheelchair accessible bathroom.  To my glee she said I could use the one in her store however there was no grab bar.  My heart sank again.  

There was another customer in the store that overheard my predicament and offered to help me in the bathroom.  I asked them if they were sure they felt comfortable in helping me and they said we were all women and it wasn’t a problem.  I knew in my heart that it was an answer from God and felt comfortable with them assisting me.  

Back to the care attendant situation, God answered that prayer too.  My friend’s cousin who is a nurse, and a friend of hers, offered to take turns to help me through the weekend.   They were all Angles!

I had a wonderful birthday with an adventure of faith.  This is a testament that God provides in unexpected ways when you really trust Him to do so.  The gift in trusting God, having faith in Him, has blessed me with opportunities that seem impossible if I depended on my own strength and understanding.  What a gift to treasure.        



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