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If I had children one of the pearls of wisdom that I would pass down is the art of wrestling.  Now I’m not talking in terms of a sport but in the area of problem solving, relationship building and most importantly faith.  I think a lot of our anxiety comes from the uncertainty of self confidence.  We tend to think we are failing or dumb if we can’t get it right the first time.  

Wrestling is a big part of my daily life.  Because I have a lot of involuntary movements it can take me a few attempts to complete a task.  When it comes to my prayer life and listening to the Holy Spirit I often have to wrestle with my thoughts.  Sometimes it takes a while for my mind to calm down and be quiet.  Sometimes I have to keep questioning until God affirms what He’s said.  

I would tell my child that wrestling with your thoughts and emotions is very natural.  That it’s okay to keep wondering and pursuing the answer.  And when you pray God will always find a way to untie the knots in your mind and heart.  Just keep believing in Him.       


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