Lay Upon the Cross


What I lay upon the cross:

 – the false preconceptions made by others which are solely based on my disability rather from my character and capabilities

 – my low tolerance towards mankind for their lack of understanding,

 – my lack of patience and frustration of not fulfilling my potential to the best of my ability

 – my anger towards myself for failing in so many ways. read more…

A Prayful Reflection

A Prayful Reflection

Dear Father in Heaven,

So many thoughts are racing through my mind contemplating on the events that lead up to your son’s death, the crucifixion.  Sometimes it’s really hard to visualize and there are so many aspects: the era, the setting, the culture, the emotions.   read more…

A Prayful Reflection

Unclenching my hands

For each lenten season I try to come up with a practice or activity that will awaken my consciousness and remind me to be mindful of the Holy Spirit.  Not knowing how profound it would be, I decided to make an effort to turn my hands right side up and unclench my hands.  I wanted to do something to demonstrate to God that I am present and available, centred on him and open to his will.   read more…

Let us value lent


This past Wednesday was the first day of lent. 

Just out of curiosity I searched both Facebook and Twitter to check how many posts there were about lent.  I was a bit disheartened to see there were very few.  Although lent is a very personal journey, the practice of this sacred tradition should be more acknowledged and encouraged.  It’s so easy to be complacent, nonchalant; another year, another lent, but when we do that we rob ourselves, our families and our church communities from fully receiving God’s inheritance. read more…

A Prayful Reflection

God is Faithful in Prayer

Over fifteen years ago when I moved into my apartment building one of the things I prayed was having opportunities to be a good neighbour.  I prayed that God would put me in places or in situations that I could bring joy or lend a helping hand.  It was a prayer that I would remember every so often but not really focus on.  Some prayers I don’t repeat but I trust that God knows what my heart desire is and eventually He will fulfill those desires.   read more…

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