Empowering God's Spirit Within

Swollen feet; a reminder to be steadfast

Prayer of Gratitude

Dear Father in Heaven,

The past few days my heart has been full of appreciation.  I’m so thankful, Lord.  There is a book called “Don’t sweat the small stuff” but I wish there was a book called “Appreciate the small stuff” because this helps with long lasting contentment and can change your attitude and perspective on life.  
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Swollen feet; a reminder to be steadfast

No fare gates with God

If you live in the Lower Mainland area you probably heard about the current accessibility issues with the new fare gate system on the skytrain and seabus.  In order to activate the gate you need to tap your compass card over the red light that is on the side of the gate.  For some people with disabilities it’s an impossible task as they don’t have the mobility or the strength to complete the task therefore they are locked out until a transit employee or a willing passenger comes to help.   read more…

Swollen feet; a reminder to be steadfast

After Easter Prayer

Dear Father in Heaven,

Today on Easter Monday I have mixed feelings. I consider lent as a spiritual vacation, a time of reflection and a time where you are in the drivers seat. read more…

Lay Upon the Cross


What I lay upon the cross:

 – the false preconceptions made by others which are solely based on my disability rather from my character and capabilities

 – my low tolerance towards mankind for their lack of understanding,

 – my lack of patience and frustration of not fulfilling my potential to the best of my ability

 – my anger towards myself for failing in so many ways. read more…

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