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Dear Father in Heaven,

Today on Easter Monday I have mixed feelings. I consider lent as a spiritual vacation, a time of reflection and a time where you are in the drivers seat.

 It’s been an interesting journey with a few revelations and some new insights that you have opened my eyes too. I must admit that it was challenging to keep focused, to remain steadfast, being conscience of your spirit and always having a listening ear.

 Thank you for taking me on such a magnificent, emotionally riveting and thought provoking journey. Most times I can’t wait for the journey to end so I can go on with the next thing however with lent this particular year I hesitate for this journey to end as I am now back in the driver’s seat.

 In a way it’s a new beginning and I am excited in anticipation with so many ideas and goals to accomplish yet I feel conflicted as I see a few roadblocks. Some are easier to overcome while some are a bit more difficult and will take time to maneuver through the web.

 Lord you’ve given me another chance. You entrusted me to follow your will, to serve you with all my heart to the best of my ability. My heart’s desire is to thrive in what is my passion and calling.

 Lord I ask you to pave the way for me, to give me confidence in a steadfast determination to fulfill my vision in which you have helped me develop. I pray that I don’t get caught up in the ridicule of self-doubt but I continue to ask for your holy wisdom and remain a soldier for your glory.

 Lord even though I might be considered a maniac driver; let my personal drive and willingness be a catalyst for you to draw on and direct me on the road that is most beneficial for you. Lord let your light continue to shine in me so I can be a representative of your hope, love and eternal goodness in honour of your greatest sacrifice.

Love crucified arose.


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