Monthly Archive: June 2015

Keats Prayer

Recently I had the opportunity to speak to the staff at Keats Camp.  I shared my story and how the Holy Spirit is like a woven tapestry as he is always weaving through our lives.  I wrote some prayers to share with them and this is the last one.  

I’d like to dedicate this prayer to all the camp staff not only at Keats but all the various camps happening this summer.  May the kids have fun and especially be valued for who they are.      (more…)

Personal Reflection of My Journey

Dear Father in Heaven,  

Two years ago I felt I had lost a part of myself.  I felt dismissed like I couldn’t be a whole person or be what you wanted me to be and accomplish what you asked me to do.  Because of this I felt called to go on a journey of stepping back from a community that I so loved and cherished.  At that time I did not understand why but I knew it was the right and only thing to do.   So I went into hibernation and was reclusive.  All I could do was pray.