Monthly Archive: December 2014

J to C Day 17: God to My Rescue

On Sunday I attended the service at Capilano Christian Community Church.  Over a year ago the church relocated to a school in West Vancouver.  Unfortunately you can only get there by car as there is no access to public transit near the school on Sundays.   (more…)

J to C Day 16: The longing within advent

As I mentioned before I find the season of Christmas challenging.  I always have a sense of longing.  It happens every year and I have never figured out why or what the purpose was.  I always tried to shrug the feeling off, put it aside and just concentrate on being grateful but this year I decided to face it head on and figure out why I get so melancholy during each advent.   (more…)

J to C Day 14:The Power of Honest Prayer

Today I felt a bit discouraged and overwhelmed by the negativity that surrounds me. Whenever I start to get really anxious I try to pray. Communicating with God is not always with words but can be with my emotions,and sometimes I yell in anger or in tears sobbing or glee with joy. (more…)