Monthly Archive: April 2014

What I lay upon the cross


What I lay upon the cross:

my pain of being excluded,

my lack of patience and frustration of not fulfilling my calling,

my low tolerance towards mankind for their lack of understanding,

my anger towards myself for failing in so many ways. (more…)

A Prayer for Good Friday


Dear Father in Heaven, there are a few pictures in my photo album that I would like to tear up, as I think I look terrible or some photos ignite a negative reaction in me. I confess that I have a similar reaction to your Holy word as there are some stories I’d like to rip out. They often cause me heartache in some form, whether it’s anger, shame, guilt or deep sorrow. I tend to read them very quickly and not take enough time to meditate on them. This defeats the purpose and goes against one of my main desires—to seek deep intimacy with you, Father. (more…)

Quenching the Holy Spirit

As I mentioned before I have been practicing the art of asking God what He wants to share .  One of the reasons I developed Able Soul is because I have felt the Holy Spirit stifled in the Church.  In our society we have a tendency to stay away from spiritual vulnerability. (more…)