Monthly Archive: March 2014

Prayer: Hunger for your Holy Spirit

Lord I hunger for change and for your holy spirit to be revealed in a deeper way to all mankind. Sometimes I am astounded by how oblivious humanity is.

Are we so stupid or too stubborn to see how empowering your spirit is? Is it a power struggle? Is it the nature of being independent and self-reliant? Is it the greed for human comfort? Or is it the fear of letting go and putting our assurance in faith? (more…)

Prayer: Renewal in Lent

Dear Father in Heaven,

 Lord, you are so under appreciated that it upsets my spirit.  I confess that I’m a bit heartbroken and dismayed at the moment.  In the public realm, I haven’t heard much about Lent.  It feels like it’s becoming more taboo, that we as your children, your followers are becoming so shy or too preoccupied  in life, itself, in testifying to our Holy heritage. (more…)

Loose Connections

yellow-warning-signFor a few days I’ve been driving my power chair with an error message flashing on the monitor of my joy stick control box.  It’s a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark.  The error message says “bad cable”. (more…)