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Lately I’ve been rattling around with so many thoughts and ideas.  I’m proud and honoured to be a Christian, a child of God, a follower of Jesus yet I struggle with the contemporary Christian culture and the church’s idealogy of prayer.  

I read a couple blog posts about how the church culture has changed, how it’s becoming less focused on spiritual aspects and more on the social community and making it more appealing to the younger generation and families.  I find it disheartening that Christians leaders, pastors, are criticizing the culture when they should be more encouraging at addressing the lack of intimacy with God in a more uplifting way.  

I think about what happened in Paris these past few days and the rallies all over the world in support of freedom of speech and I wonder why the Christian community can’t come together for a day of prayer and worship.  Graham Kendrick, co-founder of March for Jesus, says, “each one of us carries the Spirit of God within us and when we gather together, we carry His presence wherever we go.”  

That is my dream for Able Soul, to help cultivate God’s Spirit within each one of us.  I hope one day we as Christians can bring back the March for Jesus to honour God in a celebratory way, to uplift the Holy Spirit and prayer for this world.  

Together we can do so much more if we allow the Holy Spirit to shine in each denomination.  For the time being I pray that we can all honour you Jesus, in our individual marches and together may we reflect your Spirit of love, mercy and grace in our communities.  


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