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Lenten Prayer 2017

Dear Father in Heaven,

It’s that time of year again.  Today is the beginning of lent.  Somehow it’s more necessary this year.  As you know I look forward to the lenten journey as it’s the time to focus on you, to seek solace, break away from the self-centredness of life, to be more conscious of your Holy Spirit and to be reminded of your greatest sacrifice.  How deeply honoured am I to have such a meaningful tradition passed down from generations which is still essential to our spiritual vitality today.  

Guarding the Sacred

I recently found out that my website, which contains my blog, was hacked  again.  This was the second time it happened.  The files were contaminated with “malicious content”.  Although, the web host repaired the contaminated files, I lost confidence in their ability to protect and secure my website.   (more…)

Choosing to see Holy Grace

This past week has been full of malfunctions with my power chair beginning with last Sunday.  As I was heading off to church my power chair felt bumpy and I discovered I had a flat tire.  Unfortunately this halted my travel plans in going to church however I considered the misfortune divine intervention as I was extremely tired that day.  My body was aching from going out in the rain every day.  I had no choice but to stay home and rest.  I was thankful that I was home when the flat tire occurred.  It would have been more challenging if I was out.   (more…)

What is Faith?

A few Sundays ago I visited a church in downtown Vancouver that is doing the Alpha series over the summer.  This week was on episode 4, “What is Faith?”.  In the beginning I was a bit cocky thinking it was too simplistic but as I watched the video I realized how complicated it can be to define faith. (more…)