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Dear Father in Heaven,

 Lord, as I reflect upon this year, I’m in awe of your unending grace and mercy. Thank you for being a constant source of love and wisdom.

 The year went by so quickly and now we have entered the season of advent in preparation for Christmas.  I confess that I struggle at accepting the North American concept of Christmas.  It has become very materialistic and a sense of overwhelm looms in the frenzy.  We are so caught up in the acts of giving and receiving we neglect that actually it’s Your birthday Jesus and not ours.

Jesus, you’re supposed to be the guest of honor.  Sometimes we forget to include You in our celebration with our family, friends and acknowledged You in our community.  Forgive us for our absence mindedness and help us to be more conscientious of Your Holy Spirit.

Jesus, You are the greatest gift, the greatest love yet You remain a secret to many.  As we prepare to celebrate Christmas this year may we remember to invite You, Jesus. 

May we openly reflect on how wonderful You are, how your goodness has always been the light in our hearts…  May we take time to listen to You, to allow Your Spirit to lead us so we exuberate Your joy and love to others in a special way.  Let Your Spirit shine in us and gravitate love to others.  

As we celebrate with our families and friends may we take the time to cherish you on Your birthday and delight in Your love. 

Sweet Jesus, thank you for coming into this world and lavishly pouring out Your love that never ceases.


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