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My greatest passion is to help encourage people in their faith journey to be more intimate with God and to pray more.  I am a strong advocate for prayer.  I truly believe prayer is the breath of life.

Today while I was drinking my coffee at the mall I was contemplating what my birthday gift to Jesus would be.  As I mentioned yesterday there seems to be a challenge to incorporate prayer into our daily lives.  I was wondering what I could do about it.  I’ve been pondering that for a long time.  

I looked around and saw people checking their cell phones then it dawned on me.  I said to myself, “I wish I could start a check in with God movement.”  Every day we check our email, texts, Facebook, twitter, etc.  Why can’t we do the same with God?  

I think part of the challenge is that people assume it takes a lot of time to pray every day.  Instead of setting ourselves up for failure by promising to spend half an hour every day in prayer why don’t we start with a minute before we check our email or cell phone?  Most of us connect to our social media devices and cell phones a few times a day.  Just spend a minute with God and check in.  It could be a minute where we just chat with Him or a minute in silence or just inviting Him into whatever we’re doing.  A few minutes throughout the day seems rather doable and life affirming.      

All God wants is to be a part of our lives, to anoint His Holy Spirit on us and to enjoy the good times.  To be there with us in the frustrating and heartbreaking times.  To help inspire us, give us courage and wisdom when we need it.  Perhaps this will be my birthday gift to Jesus.    


  • Donna Bromley says:

    Lucy, this is brilliant! I’m going to pass this on and make it my daily practice as well. Why is it so tempting to “just check quickly” with our emails and then, somehow, find myself still busy with it an hour later?! Maybe the same will happen with my “check-in first with Jesus” habit… our one minute will turn into an hour before we know it! What a blessing you are!

  • Bonita Grace Dirk says:

    Fabulous idea!

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