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Today I felt a bit discouraged and overwhelmed by the negativity that surrounds me. Whenever I start to get really anxious I try to pray. Communicating with God is not always with words but can be with my emotions,and sometimes I yell in anger or in tears sobbing or glee with joy.

I feel comfortable in displaying my raw emotion to the Lord because I know he can handle it. I prefer to be upfront with Him because it is the only way to keep God in the loop; allow the Holy Spirit to shine through and  restore calm  to my soul.

The Psalms in the bible teaches us how to pray with complete honesty and be forthright in communicating with God.

I always hear others say that they need to be more prayerful or they don’t know how to pray.  Where does that come from?  Has the church culture made it more challenging for people to feel comfortable and take the time to pray?  Has the significance of prayer been devalued in the Christian community?  Why do people lack the confidence to pray or keep putting it on the back burner?

Prayer is so fundamental in our relationship with God and to develop more intimacy with Him. There is no right or wrong way to pray. It’s so individualized.  God always meets you at the place where you are at!

What I love about prayer is knowing I can turn to God with anything. He won’t walk away from me or retaliate in anger. Of course there are times when it’s frustrating or I’m too emotional or too stubborn to listen. But God is ever so patient and I always have another chance to hear his voice and wait upon the Holy Spirit.  You are never alone.  Being honest with God brings inner peace and makes life more manageable.


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  • Bonita Grace Dirk says:

    I love this:

    “I prefer to be upfront with Him because it is the only way to keep God in the loop”

    and how you said you shout with glee!
    Thanks for this and the encouragement to just be free with God.
    That feels lovely and intimate!

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